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Brodart Fold-On Archival Book Jacket Cover Rolls

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Brodart Fold-On Archival Book Jacket Cover Rolls

Item #: WP-470
Exact-fit polyester covers with non-printed backing and pH-neutral adhesive More Info
Price: $51.57 - $96.28

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100 out of 100
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  • Polyester is a chemically inert, durable material that is archival-safe and will not stretch
    • Super Clear - Covers are crystal-clear and have a glossy finish to show off new book graphics
  • For library, home, and rare collections
  • Acid-free polyester; chemically inert; will not yellow or crack with age
  • Non-printed center slit backing
  • pH-neutral PVA adhesive
  • Roll length is 300'
  • Rolls packaged in Brodart’s guaranteed SafePack box



  • Material: Polyester

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100 out of 100
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  1. Protect your collection
    Reviewed on Wednesday, January 19, 2022
    100 out of 100
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      5 Star (Excellent!)
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      I am neither a library nor a librarian. I _am_ a confirmed (and unrepentant) bookaholic. My house is filled with books; each and every one gets protected by these archival book jackets. I always have a 9-inch, 10-inch, 12-nch, and 14-inch roll handy for any new purchase. So easy to use, especially as the rolls allow me to accommodate book jackets of various lengths with no hassle. As a Brodart customer of many years, I greatly appreciate this product AND the fact an individual gets the same terrific service as Major Libraries. Why wouldn't you protect the things you love?


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