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Reading Space

Making space for reading

Reading can be an escape or an education or both at once. It can challenge, comfort, exasperate or delight but in this busy world the main problem can be finding space for it all.

Throughout 2013, Rachel Van Riel, Director of Opening the Book and a renowned international speaker, will be writing a regular column for Brodart on Making Space for Reading, ranging across physical space, social space and digital space. The first instalment explores psychological space and understanding why we read.

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Rachel Van Riel
Meet Rachel Van Riel

Rachel is author of The Reader-friendly Library Service and Opening the Book - finding a good read. She designs training programs for library staff which have reached 20,000 people in three continents. Read more...

Psychological space

January is the time of year we make resolutions – go on a diet, take more exercise, go out more, and yes, I’ve seen plenty people on Twitter and elsewhere vowing to read more. Read more...

Promotional space

If you’ve got a bit tired of doing the same old book promotions every year, here’s a completely different approach to refresh your thinking and your library. This month we launch promotions based on the reader experience.

Physical space

Physical impressions are important – the look and feel of your library and even how it smells. There’s plenty you can do to improve it; try our top tips for creating a reader-friendly environment.

Read more in May

Training space

Libraries are changing fast and so are the skills needed by library staff. The role has moved from passive provision of books on shelves to active engagement with readers through conversations, projects and displays.

Read more in July

Display space

We know from 40,000 interviews carried out by library staff taking our online training that most people in libraries choose from displays. Ok, we haven’t read all 40,000 - but a representative sampling was pretty conclusive.

Read more in September

Social space

Reading is private and individual but sometimes you just want to share the experience with others. Did anyone else get stuck on Chapter 4, did you laugh out loud at what happened on page 96, wasn’t it just the most astonishing book you’ve read in years?

Read more in November