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ResourceMate® Essential Plus

Item #: WP-2211
Includes all of the features of the Original Resourcemate® Essential, as well as new and improved additional features. More Info
Price: $709.00

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  • Allows volunteers to add items or patron records from home
  • Supports bar-coded circulation
  • Prints bar codes
  • Stores pictures and multimedia objects
  • Includes MARC import/export
  • Provides circulation history and statistical reporting
  • Processes optional fines
  • Imports external files from external software
  • Processes year-end inventory
  • Exports to xls, html, or ascii
  • Processes list of ISBNs (with up-to-date support)
  • Includes all original functions of ResourceMate® Essential
    • Spell check
    • Spine label and catalog card printing
    • Password protection
    • Spiral-bound manual with index
    • Online help plus free off-site backup service with up-to-date support
    • Tracks pamphlets, flyers, and brochures
    • Tracks serials and subscriptions
    • Includes OPAC book bin
    • Emails OPAC search results
    • Establishes items that cannot be searched on category, status, location, and resource type

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